Our Area Of Practice

Commercial and Corporate Services

Our wide range of commercial and corporate legal services are among but not limited to:

  • Liquidations/winding up and judicial management.
  • Company formations and restructuring.
  • Drafting of corporate agreements and opinion related work. 
  • Advice on tax law.
  • Acquisitions/mergers, take-overs and compromises.
  • Registrations of Patents and Trademarks.
  • Preparation of trusts.


Banking and Financial Services

To this sector our various services include:

  • Debt recoveries.
  • Registration of security documents.
  • Providing advice and opinions in financial agreements.
  • Preparation of financial agreements, security forms and documentation.
  • The firm has a fairly long and continuous history of providing these services with a number of leading banks locally.


Labour Consultancy

The labour law area is one with continuously changing terrain. The firm has been alert to these changes and its involvement in this paramount area is not limited to

  • Preparation of employment contracts.
  • Preparation of employment codes of conduct.
  • Preparation of constitutions.
  • Legal representations at all levels.
  • Advice on disciplinary procedures and retrenchments.
  • Wage negotiations, arbitration, conciliation and mediation.
  • Chairing disciplinary hearings and employment related inquiries.
  • Training on disciplinary Procedures & Retrenchments.

Conveyancing & Estate Administration

This department is a very vibrant one. It is involved in the preparation of leases and agreements of sale of immovable property. 
Estate administration comes in as another valuable service in this portfolio. A host of individuals have found the quality of our service in this area irresistible and their religious commitment to us has further consolidated the market position of the firm.


The firm litigates across all the full range of services. The firm takes cognisance of the expensive and time consuming nature of litigation and is settlement oriented. However, where this becomes futile, we become uncompromisingly combative to the very end. We only litigate after meticulously assessing our prospects of success. Our high skills in litigation work reflect well in the success we score. The firm has ninety percent rate of winning at all levels.

Our International Work

The firm has established relationships with regional and international trademark and patent attorneys. It also acts as corresponding attorneys for a number of international leading attorneys. The firm has also established concrete professional linkages with leading law firms in England, Spain, Germany, Mauritius, India, South Africa and the United States of America.

The firm has provided legal advice to some of the world’s leading international corporations. Gutu and Chikowero is also involved in an active immigration law practice representing clients based overseas interested in securing either permanent or temporary residence permits in Zimbabwe.

Our Client Relations & Costs

The firm is inspired to give a quality service at the earliest possible time. It is the firm’s policy to explain to clients the constraints, foreseen and unforeseen, that might crop up during our interaction. During the conduct of work, we also make it a firm habit to report to clients regarding developments with their matters.

We believe that in order to build our strength, and maintain a professional outlook, we must get a constant feedback from clients on the quality of our services. Our fees are based on the Law Society tariff. We charge according to time spent on the job, and the complexity of the matter.

We give quality service and provide our clients with value for money.

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