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The firm started operating as Gutu & Associates from 1 July 1992, being an off-shoot of Gutu & Jakachira
Legal Practitioners. Gutu & Jakachira Legal Practitioners, came into existence on 1 October 1990. The partners have been in legal practice for a significant number of years, having been nurtured by some of Harare’s top-notch legal firms. The Chivhu office is an example of the firm’s ambitious plans for expansion. It was opened in 1993.  The firm’s operations and staff are compatible with the dictates of corporate and general legal advice of the new millennium. Its wide range of services has been made to suit global markets.

Obert Chaurura Gutu

He is the senior partner and holds BL (Hons) and LL.B degrees from the University of Zimbabwe. He was admitted to practise law in Zimbabwe in 1987. He is a member of the Law Society of Zimbabwe as well as the International Bar Association (IBA) where his membership number is 0052121. He was admitted as a member of the International Bar Association in February 1993.

Mr.-Obert-GutuObert Chaurura Gutu is a director and a shareholder in a number of companies with interests in the retail business sector, television production, travel and tourism. In January 1985 he was employed as a public prosecutor by the Ministry of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs at the Harare Magistrates’ Court. He prosecuted several criminal matters both at the Harare Magistrates’ Court and also at the Mbare Magistrates’ Court. In March 1986, he was granted study leave by the Ministry to go and pursue a post-graduate law degree, i.e. LL.B. He completed the LL.B degree programme at the end of 1986.He returned to the Ministry of Justice in November 1986 as a magisterial assistant. He was admitted as a legal practitioner of the High Court of Zimbabwe in May 1987. In July 1987, he joined Messrs. Chirunda, Chihambakwe & Partners as a professional assistant.

On the 1st of October 1990, he formed a partnership with Cassian Jakachira. The partnership was known as Messrs. Gutu & Jakachira. This partnership was dissolved in July 1992 and he remained in practice under the style of Messrs. Gutu & Associates. He was elected to be the Senator for Chisipite in Harare during the harmonized elections that were held in Zimbabwe on March 29 2008. In Parliament, he was the Chairperson of the Parliamentary Legal Committee (PLC). He was also a member of the Standing Rules and Orders Committee (SROC) of the 7th Parliament of Zimbabwe.

He recently completed a Master of Philosophy degree with the University of Zimbabwe and his thesis topic was: Rule of law in post-independent Zimbabwe between the period 1980 – 2002: the implications of the observance and non-observance of the rule of law in the development of constitutional law”. He is one of the lawyers in Africa who has been engaged by the World Bank’s Doing Business project. He prepares and submits reports to the Monitoring and Analysis Unit Investment Climate Department (CICMA) IFC. This project publishes a book annually. He has a passion for reading and research. He has also been invited on several occasions by local NGOs and international organisations to present papers at workshops and seminars.  On June 24, 2010, he was sworn in as the new Deputy Minister of Justice & Legal Affairs in Zimbabwe. His core responsibility was to assist the Minister in formulating and implementing policies for the justice delivery system of Zimbabwe. He became chairman of the Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs’ anti-corruption committee and also worked closely with the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC). He became chairman of the Family Court of Zimbabwe’s steering committee. As the Deputy Minister of Justice and Legal Affairs, he attended numerous workshops, seminars and conferences locally, regionally and internationally. 

Amongst his hobbies, he counts golf, karate and chess. He is a keen football fan. He regularly writes articles for both print and online publications.

Benjamin Chikowero

He holds an LL.B (Hons) degree from the University of Zimbabwe. He graduated in 1995. He was admitted to practise law in Zimbabwe in 1996 whereupon he joined the Ministry of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs as a Public Prosecutor where he worked from 1st of February to 31st of March 1996. On the 1st of April 1996, he joined Jakachira, Gahadzikwa and Company, a legal firm based in Harare, as a professional assistant. He stayed with the firm up to March 12, 1998. It was during his tenure with Jakachira, Gahadzikwa & Company that he developed a special appetite for civil litigation as his portfolio comprised almost 99% civil litigation, although his natural preference as defence attorney in criminal matters never waned.

 joined Gutu and Associates in 1998 as a professional assistant. He was admitted into partnership on May 4, 2000 with the partnership running under the name Gutu & Chikowero, Attorneys-at-Law. He was the resident legal practitioner at the Chivhu branch for twelve years and three months. The Chivhu branch has a vibrant litigation practice, whereat he handled about 60% civil litigation and 40% criminal litigation. From February 1, 1996 to June 28, 2010 Benjamin was virtually a court lawyer. 

On June 28, 2010 he moved over to the Harare Office to take up a position as the Managing Partner of the firm. His career has developed in corporate practice. His portfolio includes several corporates in both the private and public sectors. Using the skills and experience garnered over several years in litigation, he has now moved over to settling most of his matters out of court. The rate of settlement is almost 97% of all non-criminal matters he handles.

He is a researcher for a World Bank Project called Doing Business. It publishes a book annually. Benjamin also worked as an untrained teacher from September 1988 to December 1989. He treasures the organizational and planning skills he acquired from that stint with the then Ministry of Education and Culture. On March 12, 2013 he was appointed by the Minister of Health and Child Welfare to chair the Food Standards Advisory Board, up to May 30, 2013, to complete the tenure of a member who had been promoted to the High Court bench. He was then reappointed chairperson of the same Board for the period August 1, 2013 to July 31, 2016. He is also the holder of an Executive Certificate in Programme and Project Monitoring and Evaluation attained in November 2013 with the University of Zimbabwe.

He has an appetite for further education, his current pursuit being a Master’s in Business Administration. Benjamin is happily married and blessed with a son and three daughters.



Miss Pauline Kadembo


She is a registered legal practitioner and conveyancer who was first admitted into the firm as a Professional Assistant in 2008. She is a graduate of the University of Zimbabwe who obtained a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) degree in 2007. She has experience in general practice with a strong bias towards commercial law and labour law practice, encompassing consultancy, drafting and litigation. She also has considerable experience in human rights law and public interest litigation arising from working at the Legal Resources Centre in South Africa, in 2009. She practised law with Gula- Ndebele & Partners from 2010 to 2014, before being re-admitted into the firm in January 2015. She also is a researcher for the World Bank Project called Doing Business. It publishes a book based on the research, annually.

She has attended the following further legal courses:

  • Advocacy Teacher Training by Law Society of Zimbabwe in collaboration with Advocacy Training Council of England & Wales- Harare, April 2015.
  • Commercial Law Training: Towards Achieving Global Standards in Providing Corporate Legal Services – Harare, April 2014.
  • Commercial Law Training by International Senior Lawyers Project (ISLP) of the American Bar Society (ABS) in Collaboration with Law Society of Zimbabwe: Victoria Falls, July 2012;
  • Labour Relations and Practice in Zimbabwe by George Makings-April 2011;
  • International Litigation Training Workshop by Law Society of Zimbabwe – Harare, August 2010; and
  • Practice Management Workshop by Law Society Zimbabwe – Harare, February 2009.


She was involved in legal consultancy and litigation on the following restructuring transactions, which resulted in resuscitation of the companies:

  • Scheme of arrangement of Kapp Jack Trading (Private) Limited, 2012.
  • Scheme of arrangement of Lobels Bread (Private) Limited, 2012.


Adam Bongani Wenyimo


He holds an LLB (Hons) degree from the University of Zimbabwe. He joined the firm in 2014 as an intern when he was still a student and became a Professional Assistant soon after graduation in 2015. In November 2015, he was registered as a Legal Practitioner, Conveyancer, and Notary Public. Adam is passionate about Intellectual Property Law as well as International Corporate Law. He is a member of the Adventist Lawyers Association, an organisation which offers free legal aid and advocates for the Constitutional rights of the freedom of conscience and freedom of worship.










Tsungirirai Marufu-Maune


She graduated with a Bachelor of Laws Degree from the University of South Africa in 2014. She then worked for a local NGO, Justice for Children from April 2014 to February 2016 where was involved in policy and advocacy issues relating to children’s rights. In November 2015 she got admitted as a legal practitioner. She joined the firm in March 2016 as a professional assistant. She has been extensively involved in commercial, civil as well as criminal litigation. Tsungirirai aspires to be a multi-faceted practitioner capable of delivering quality legal services to a diverse range of clientele.
Currently she is pursuing a Masters degree in International Relations with the University of Zimbabwe.  









 Tendai Gutu - Administration Department   


This is headed by Mrs. Tendai Gutu. She holds a BA (General) degree and a Graduate Certificate in Education from the University of Zimbabwe. She also holds a BA (Special Honours) and a Master of Arts degree in Economic History from the same university in 2002 and 2005 respectively. Mrs Gutu is a holder of an Executive Certificate in Programme and Project Monitoring and Evaluation obtained in January 2013 from the University of Zimbabwe.


She is a full time office manager. She is a director and shareholder in a number of companies, with interests in retail business, travel and tourism. She was also appointed a board vice chair for the Zimbabwe Diabetic Association in April 2013. 







 Gertrude Maredza - Conveyancing Department

The firm has a vibrant conveyancing department currently headed by Gertrude Maredza. She has considerable experience after having worked for several years at the Messenger of Court’s office in Harare as well as at Scanlen & Holderness. Her department has also established a thriving practice in the registration of patents and trade marks. Our law firm has been retained as the local agent for some of the world’s leading patent and trade mark practitioners in the United States of America.



Members of Staff  

The firm’s supporting staff is ably headed by Ms. Pheobe Dzimati. Ms. Dzimati has been with the law firm since 2000. In addition, the firm has a competent and suitably experienced staff of secretaries, clerks and office orderlies.



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